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Posted By Law Offices of Ronald A. Ramos, P.C. on 09/26/2022

What you should look for in an injury lawyer

What you should look for in an injury lawyer

The decision to hire an injury lawyer in San Antonio can be a difficult one. But you can rest assured the decision will be made for you once you realize how these professionals help. Here are some important considerations when searching for a lawyer.

  1. Good online client reviews

The first step you should take when searching for a personal injury lawyer is to look for online reviews and testimonials. You should find reviews from independent lawyers who may have worked with the lawyer in the past. You should look for the word "legit" in the reviews and testimonials. This implies that there are no fake online reviewers or online reviews created by paid advertising companies. You should also ask questions to the reviewers, such as questions about the lawyer's experience, experience dealing with similar cases, how long they have been working with the lawyer, and how long they have worked together. 

  1. Specialties

If you are injured in an accident caused by another person, you need a lawyer who is specialized in injury law cases. You will find anywhere from 10 to 15 lawyers practicing personal injury law in most states of the United States. You should not hire a personal injury lawyer who does not specialize in your particular case. Hiring a general personal injury lawyer may be okay, but you will only find one type of case covered by most general personal injury lawyers. 

  1. Check the lawyer's Experience

You should ask the lawyer how long they have represented injured people and how many similar cases they have worked with in the past. You can ask questions such as how many years they have been practicing law, what types of cases they have handled in the past, and how often these cases were settled or went to trial while looking at their experience record with case details on the lawyer's website or their official biography. 

  1. Accolades and awards

If a lawyer has won several awards and accolades in the past, it shows that they have been doing a good job of representing injured people. The awards can be from either the local legal community or from the general public. You should check whether the lawyer belongs to any social groups or associations that focus on personal injury law, such as consumer rights advocacy groups, medical malpractice rights advocacy groups, and consumer fraud advocacy groups. You should check whether they have won any awards or accolades for these types of programs when looking for a personal injury lawyer. 

  1. Current caseload

You should check a lawyer's caseload. An experienced lawyer should have a low caseload. This is usually evidenced by the fact that the lawyer has several more years of experience than cases that are pending. A lawyer should be able to confidently estimate how long it will take for you to be compensated for your injury suffered in an accident caused by another person and how long that compensation will last, given your case details and severity of injuries. 

You should find out whether the lawyer has experience in the types of cases you suffered in an accident caused by another person. You should make sure they have a low client caseload and can estimate how long you may be waiting before receiving a settlement. You should also ask them about their experience with similar cases and what type of case they would use to represent your injury if it went to trial.

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