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Posted By ForensikSoft on 12/05/2023

How to Import Google Takeout to Exchange? A Best Solution

How to Import Google Takeout to Exchange? A Best Solution

Do you have a significant number of Gmail files that were previously downloaded using the Google Takeout? You want to import them to Exchange server so that you may make better use of them, but you don't know how to accomplish it properly. If you answered "yes," you must read the entirety of this post. In this post, you may discover a fantastic method to import Google Takeout to Exchange online; therefore, scroll down to obtain it immediately.

The Advantages of Utilizing the Exchange Account

  1. Microsoft Exchange was designed with security and privacy in mind, with a number of settings available at both the server and mailbox levels. Microsoft Exchange Server utilizes Kerberos, a network security protocol standard. It allows network-wide mutual authentication.
  2. Improvements to the OWA App New enhancements to Outlook's online interface and mobile app make it easier for users to keep track of their many interactions with the software. Messages may now be archived, deleted, or moved with a single click from the reading view of the inbox panel. Users may reverse their most recent mailbox activity with a single click.
  3. To ensure error-free database operations, Exchange 2016 partitions database processes using DAG. Modifications to the transaction log and passive database of Exchange 2016 accelerate failover. DAG is built on Windows Server clustering and replication technologies.

How to Import Google Takeout to Exchange Online?

Google Takeout Converter is one of the most exciting applications to import multiple Google Takeout files into Exchange server concurrently. One of the finest features of the tool is that it is first offered for free. This trial version allows for a limited conversion of Google Takeout files to Exchange and extra saving choices. Follow the accompanying instructions to gain a thorough understanding of the too’s capabilities and how to import Google Takeout files into Exchange Server.

Instructions for Exporting Google Takeout to Exchange Server in Detail

  1. Download, install and start the software to import Google Takeout to Exchange.
  2. Click the open tab; select the Email Data File option, followed by the Google Takeout File option.
  3. Start by navigating through all of the files that must be imported into Exchange, and then move those items into the tool for further processing.
  4. After uploading Google Takeout files to the tool, you will have the ability to preview them.
  5. After you have finished analyzing your data, navigate to the Export option and pick IMAP as your storage method.
  6. Please enter your Exchange credentials. Click Save after giving the server name and port number for your Exchange server to import Google Takeout files into Exchange.

Your files will be imported in a matter of minutes, and you will receive a message as soon as this is complete. Now, in addition to this procedure, we wish to show you some of the tool's features. Examine them attentively if you are wondering about the application's most significant advantages.

Advantages of Utilizing a Professional Approach

  1. The tool’s user interface is designed for simplicity of use. Any user can use it properly without the assistance of others
  2. It can import Google Takeout files with entire data into Exchange Server in bulk.
  3. It provides a preview of all Google Takeout files prior to their importation into Exchange.
  4. For investigative purposes, you may also examine Google Takeout emails in Hex and Raw format.
  5. It provides a search bar for locating individual emails and emails from a certain time or address.
  6. The tool to import Google Takeout to Exchange is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, etc.
  7. It is totally self-contained and requires no additional settings to be downloaded.
  8. In addition to Exchange, Google Takeout may be imported to Outlook, Office 365, and IMAP.

In Conclusion

The optimal method to import Google Takeout to Exchange is now available. The web page provides access to the best approach to import Google Takeout files into Exchange server. Using the suggested approach, you may export multiple Google Takeout files into Exchange in bulk. We suggest you to go through the entire article and obtain the solution.

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