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Posted By Lucky Locksmith Service KC on 01/25/2023

How Does Your Home Stand Up to Lucky Locksmith Service KC’s Security Audit?

How Does Your Home Stand Up to Lucky Locksmith Service KC’s Security Audit?

You undoubtedly remember to lock the door when you leave or come back to your home at night, but your security efforts shouldn't stop there. When it comes to your home's security, there is a lot more that is overlooked. You can ensure that you and your house are always safe with a Lucky Locksmith Service KC home security audit. But it's as crucial to comprehend the significance of these safety precautions. Examining the top items on our security check list will help you understand how they can keep you safe.

The installation of your doors and all of the components that make up your doors is one of the most crucial things you can look for when it comes to your home's level of protection. You could believe that installing suitable locks on your exterior doors is sufficient to keep you safe. Unfortunately, while doing so will keep burglars from simply coming up to your house, it won't stop them from breaking in.

Examining the security of the door frame, the hinges, and the door material is as crucial to verifying the condition of your locks.

If you want to feel more secure about your door frame, you can use longer screws or a latch guard. Metal plates called latch guards are used to secure the door's weakest point, which is the gap between the door frame and the door itself.

Make sure your door hinges are tamper-proof or peened hinges if your door opens toward the interior of your house. The pin can be held in place very securely using peened hinges

A security stud can assist safeguard your door hinges if your door opens outward. The hinge pins for doors that open outward are located on the exterior of the structure. The security stud prevents the door from being removed if a potential burglar removes the hinge pins by locking the leaves of the hinges together.

Kicking through a hollow wooden door is simple. If at all feasible, use a solid wood or metal door because they are both far more durable. It is crucial to determine whether the locking mechanisms can be accessed through any openings, such as a dog door or a mail slot, if you have either. It is crucial to seal and lock these entrances while not in use, even if the locks are inaccessible from a mail hole or dog door.

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