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Benefits of Using Washable Nursing Pads for Breasts - Lovemère

Benefits of Using Washable Nursing Pads for Breasts - Lovemère

Breastfeeding is a worthwhile journey. Your baby gets incredible nutrition, and it also creates a special bond between the mum and the baby. These moments when the baby latches and nurses happily are extremely special for women.

However, breastfeeding comes with its own challenges. For a convenient experience, maternity apparel, especially maternity breastfeeding bra play a major role. But when you stock up on maternity wear clothes and choose the best nursing bra for breastfeeding moms, don’t forget to add washable nursing pads into your maternity wardrobe.

What are Breastfeeding Nursing Pads?

The best nursing breast pads are soft pads that are meant to be inserted between the nursing bra and your breasts. They cover the nipple and areola. The primary function of these pads is to soak any leaking milk. Even if you wear a padded nursing bra, you should use nursing pads for added extra comfort and hygiene.

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Advantages of Using Washable Nursing Pads for Breasts

Here are the advantages of using breastfeeding nursing pads for breasts.

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  • They Keep the Breast Area Dry.

Milk leaking from the breasts and the baby suckling can leave your nipples wet. Damp breast skin can lead to fungal infections and skin rashes. Nursing pads will absorb any dampness or catch milk leaks to keep the skin dry.


  • They can be Used with Nipple Cream.

Some mothers face the problem of chapped or sore nipples. These pads for breasts can be safely used with nipple creams. Also, by reducing the friction between the nipples and the fabric of your clothes, you prevent any further chafing and discomfort.


  • They Provide Comfort to the Nipples.

Nursing pads are made from soft material. They provide a comfortable layer between your breasts and your bra/camisole. This helps in feeling more comfortable.

best nursing breast pads

  • They are Good for the Environment.

Disposable nursing bras are bad for the environment. Instead, the best washable nursing pads are reusable. All you need to do is wash them and dry them completely before every use.


  • They Act as a Cover for the Nipples.

Nursing can leave your nipples to stand out more than usual. Using a padded nursing bra can solve this problem. However, with washable nursing pads, you can avoid nipple show even while wearing a non-padded nursing bra. 

Breastfeeding mothers need all the comfort they can get. Using the right nursing bras, maternity wear, and using good washable nursing pads can go a long way in improving the comfort of nursing mums. These choices also are good for your breast health. The skin is protected from infections and rashes. With nursing bras that provide good support, the sagging of breasts can be prevented. To know more about wearing and caring tips of Pregnancy to Breastfeeding, then visit Lovemère.

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